Wednesday, April 13, 2005

A Long Awaited Abyss of Vast Nothingness

Going deeper
Thanks to an inspiring post by Sean, I feel driven to write more insightful and vivid transmutations from thought to post. I've too often just listed my days events and haven't really included my more inner-feelings.

Continuing further
Well, I wrote that paragraph above two days ago, and despite my resolutions to become a more sagacious blogger (thank you, I have fallen into a lull. I want to write more astutely, but between school and sickness, I just don't have the time or energy.

Reporting former
I'll say this much. In the time that I was away, I celebrated my 23rd day-of-birth commemoration (as Evan Baker said, "Oh you're non-trad now!"). Gorby, Sean, Ja, Patrick, Black Diamond, etc. took me out for my birthday to (no surprise if Gorb's is in the mix) Buffulo Wild Wings where celebration meant beer, wings, Cavs game, and karaoke (as Jessica Murdoch said, "Ahh, the classic American birthday.") My family also came down on the Saturday to celebrate and we went to eat at Puerto Vallarta with Patrick and Richard & Eileen (who also visited). Richard and Eileen announced that Eileen is "preggers" with the baby due in September. Very exciting.

Trying harder
Well, here's as much "insight" as is going to seep from my syrupy slow brain. I am a single man. It brings me great joy however to hear about good things happening in friends lives with members of the opposite sex. I was talking with a friend last night who had been on a date earlier in the evening and her excitement over the situation flooded me with peace and joy.
Hang on. This is supposed to be insightful? This is just cheesily typical meaningless fluff! My brain is like a dried up clam. Oh well, it is how I felt ... so regardless of my sappy shallowness ... you, dear reader, have witnessed me at the height of my vulnerability, exposed and uninhibited, truthful and embarresed ... you've witnessed the real me.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

April's Not So Foolish

Well I'm finally posting again. And boy ... what a week.

I'm going to start by telling about Thursday. Eddie and I saw that Praxis was playing a concert in Columbus and so a while ago we bought tickets for it. This was especially exciting for us because it was the only show I knew of that they were playing in all of North America this year, and Bill Laswell, legendary space-bassist, very rarely puts on concerts. So Thursday was the night that the show was scheduled for, so I returned to the Wexner Center once again (after seeing Wilco there a couple months prior). The difference between this experience and the Wilco experience was proximity, however. The Wilco show was assigned seats so the only one that me & the "Sweetheart Crew" could have possibly afforded was so far back that Jeff Tweedy was about the size of a pillbug. Because the Praxis show was "general admission" we were able to show up early and stand right in the front of the stage, just below Bill Laswell. It was amazing.
The show ended at about 9:45 p.m. (early right?) and Eddie and I drove down to Athens, Ohio which was about an hour and a half away.
Our friend John works at the Athena Movie theater, in Athens. As it was Thursday, March 31, The Athena had just received the shipment reels for Sin City that day, and John told us about an invite-only screening that would start at around 12:30 or 1:00 a.m., unbeknownst to his boss. A visually amazing movie, so closely recreating the pages of Frank Miller's original comic series that Robert Rodriguez supposedly threatened to take his name off of the project if the studio would not allow Frank Miller to receive equal "director" billing for drawing the comics that Rodriguez treated like a storyboard. Anyway, if you've ever read the comic, you know what to expect, but if you haven't, be warned ... it's brutal.
After the movie ended and I prepared to leave, it got to be about 4:30 a.m. Driving home was equally brutal, and I arrived in Steubenville at about 7:30 a.m. All of this made for a very interesting Friday.

Saturday was excellent because Richard had arrived in town and we spent the day hanging around. The Knights of the Holy Queen put on a coffeehouse (sort of a talent showcase fundraiser) that night and Richard and I performed a 3 song medley (that didn't really "med" as much as we had hoped) that we had written that afternoon. Anyway, it was alot of fun.

The next day we went to mass, watched the Cavs whoop the Mavs, and then Richard left. Alright that's it for now.